The Return to Rokourd

Drithkowl is found under siege

After their victory at Skaulheim the group returned to city of the Riddare where Einar’s father, Torvaldr, thanked the heroes and conferred upon them the title of “Lords of the North” saying that the folk of the land should respect them for their greatness (which granted each of them a +1 increase to their Charisma scores). Einar agreed to help the adventurers in their quest to rescue the city of Eltgaard from the evil clutches of Golthos. He explained to them, however, that it will take some time for him to rally the full strength of his armies and equip them for the long journey out of Imnisvael into Dalun. Einar gave them each a griffon to give them a chance to hasten back to Drithkowl to take care of affairs there while he marshals his own forces.

The journey took almost a month as they flew over vast tundra and icy mountains. When they finally arrived, they found the city of Drithkowl under siege by a massive undead army. The party landed their griffons at The Frost Keep and sought council with Governor-General Hallour who explained that after the death of Tyrannax the Destroyer, the wicked dragon of the north, Nurvaal and his undead horde attacked the city. The oft bitter and cold governor-general was more welcoming towards the group and permitted the adventurers to do whatever they needed to in order to save his city.

The situation in the city had become dire, as it was explained to them that Nurvaal’s forces had the city totally surrounded. Plague had swept into the city and any man, solider or innocent, who had been injured by the undead would rise as a zombie come midnight each night. This created paranoia which lead to the execution of anyone found with so much as a scratch on them. Furthermore the powerful Wizards of the Kowl had fled the city using their magic. Apparently shortly after the plague broke out they used many spells to seal the Fortress of Lazandroth off from the city. There was one Kowled Wizard left behind, however, a man the party decided to meet with first in the city dungeons.

The wizard’s name was Orvarr Earthgrain, an honest-sounding human mage who explained that he elected to stay when he heard that his order was fleeing. The party freed him from his cell and together they devised a plan to hunt down and dispatch Nurvaal’s necromancer generals hoping to draw the Wight out himself. They did this once, successfully slaying a mysterious wizard and his undead acolytes by flying out above the sea of undead atop their griffons and dive-attacking his command post. However, in the battle their griffons fled and they were forced to use Orvarr’s magic to teleport away to safety.

Later that night they decided to search the battlefield for Nurvaal and send out a force of eager warriors to form a diversion. A band of Drasguardian Templars, local mercenaries, and some of the governor-general’s soldiers slipped out of the city by way of a damaged wall segment previously unseen by the attackers. This force engaged a vampire-lord in the nearby forest while Orvarr and the rest of the heroes used a magic spell to teleport to Nurvaal’s location. When they arrived, however, they found a tomb with an inscription with Nurvaal’s name on it, but no Wight. They were then ambushed by his necromancers.

The battle was fast and deadly, but the group managed to slay Nurvaal’s generals despite the zombie horde descending upon them. After the final necromancer was slain Nurvaal appeared, somehow drawing power for their destruction. He proved to be a mighty spell caster, but in the end too was slain. Masterless, the undead army became unresponsive and the siege was broken. The city of Drithkowl was saved.


SeanRFreund SeanRFreund

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