The Evil Wizard's Domain

Confronting Lanyr

The party awoke from their strange encounter with the forest creature (who later revealed his name to be K’miec) and found themselves about a campfire in the woods. Strangely, they were clad in grey robes but were otherwise unharmed and had all of their possessions. Even more strangely perhaps, was Solgrin’s arrival. The dark warrior stepped out of a cosmic rift and appeared before the party explaining that Aust, Lorgrium and he just slew Tyrannax the Destroyer and in the battle the Dragon’s Eye Gem was shattered. The release of energy sent Solgrin through the fabric of time and landed him here in Lanyr’s realm.

The team regrouped and made their way to the nearest site of power to begin dismantling Lanyr’s control over this place and permit them to escape. In a nearby cave they found a mighty chimeric beast which they slew. As Aegishand recovered the sapphire gem containing Lanyr’s power a vile ooze of tentacles descended from the ceiling of the cave and assailed the party. The dwarf rogue smashed the sapphire gem on the pommel of his shortsword releasing a magic gale of tremendous cold freezing him to the ground on the spot. The entire cave was encased in ice, Aegishand along with it. The party lit flames and thawed the dwarf from the frost and escaped the cave.

The team then made their way out of the forest towards the village to the west. Larkspur explained that the sun moves differently on this plane of existence which made navigating more difficult, but the party managed just as well. Upon arrival to the village the party was greeted with little more than curious faces, but no one approached to speak with them. On the far side of the village was the home of the village “sin eater” whose calling was to consume the sins of the dead through a ritual. K’miec explained that the Sin Eater was one of Lanyr’s sources of strength, so the party met with him. He appeared as a simple man who had not aged well, but was otherwise unremarkable. There was a brief discussion of what the man’s fate would be and while there was resistance from some members of the party Goltheiron was not deterred and slew the man.

The last place of power was said to be a shrine up in the mountains, so the party traveled north. The journey was long and the company rested for the night. During the night each member of the party was visited by a taunting specter of Lanyr. He mockingly asked the question “where do your dreams go when you sleep in my domain?” The cruel wizard claimed that when their minds return to their bodies they will be different some how. Indeed when the party awoke each of them had forgotten something vital about themselves. After dawn the party traveled up the mountainside and entered the ruin of the shrine. Within they found the bodies of those who Lanyr sacrificed during his necrotic experiments, they estimated that there were over 100 corpses in the chamber. At the center of the hall stood a bone pedestal and a tome bound in flesh and written with blood. Gylek was drawn to the book, seemingly unable to control himself. He began reading the incantation which was supposed to reanimate the bones of the dead and set them upon the folk of the village below the mountain. The undead would then jealously take the lives of those who survived Lanyr’s experimentation. Doing so, however, would release much of Lanyr’s power.

A few of the members of the party, Larkspur in particular, felt that this was too high a price to pay and stopped Gylek. After several minutes of discussion the party more or less agreed that killing all of the folk of the village was too far and that they would just have to confront Master Lanyr without attempting to subvert him here at the undead shrine. They composed themselves and marched through the day and night not stopping to rest this time for fear that Lanyr would make them forget more of themselves. They arrived to his palace which was a grand structure sculpted from marble.

Within they found and confronted Lanyr as well as a set of marble statues that resembled each member of the party. Taunts were exchanged, neither side backed down, and battle was joined. The statues sprang to life and attacked the party while Lanyr cast destructive spells. Ultimately the evil wizard was cut down, but in his final moments he entreated them to bring to him his tome of necromancy to “prevent this world from collapsing.” They did not heed his warning and slew him which immediately brought about the destruction of his realm. The walls fell down and the very ground dissipated from under their feet. The party fell through the immaterial darkness that exists between planes, their senses waned and blurred.

When they came to from the extraplanar travel the party found themselves laying sprawled in a vast tundra where the sun hung low in the sky and prismatic lights danced along the opposite horizon. They surmised that this place must be Imnisvael, the Center of the World…


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