Seeking the Gift of the North

Einar explained his position as prince of the Riddare and that he is hiding out in an old family manse at the edge of Rüdvaar lands because an Ogrek shapeshifter masquerades as himself in the royal court back home. He also explained that he would like the adventurers’ help taking back his birth right and title and to help them return to Dalun some day. However, he acknowledges that in their present state without their equipment and without some type of boon or blessing they will not survive the arctic cold of Imnisvael. He told them a story of how Ulnath Ultyr, the founder of the first Riddare settlement, came to Imnisvael and constructed a great castle in a nearby valley. If there is any hope that the adventurers would be able to endure the harsh cold of the north it would be by exploring the ruins of Ulnath’s castle to uncover some boon or gift from the spirits of the Riddare.

Before they left, Einar imparted what power he could to stave off the extreme cold and wished them well. The party headed East into the mountains. As they traveled they found that the sun never quite went down, though after many hours the sun hung low in the sky, it eventually rose again before touching the horizon. The orange rays of the sun along with Einar’s blessing, kept the adventurers warm enough as they entered the valley where Ulnath’s ruined castle stood. They picked their way through an abandoned ruin of what once was a small city nestled in the mountains. Part way they were ambushed by lesser Ogrek creatures resembling grey-skinned goblins. They slew the creatures and made their way to the castle where they easily made their way inside through one of its may crumbled gaps.

The castle itself was cold and dark with numerous collapsed chambers and passages. Twice a floor segment or portion of wall collapsed nearly injuring the adventurers. After doing battle with a number of other creatures and navigating the precarious mountain castle, the adventurers encountered a ghostly spirit still working on a seemingly invisible weapon. The spirit explained that the weapon will take shape for whoever takes it up and swears to avenge the spirits of the Riddare. Solgrin drew the sword from an icy block beside the spirit’s forge and the party set out to the castle’s upper levels to do battle with a dragon that has long haunted the ruined castle.

On their way to the top the party found a crystal ball within a high chamber near the top of the castle’s tower. Goltheiron peered into the divining stone and saw his homeland of Noruld, it was verdant and green with no signs of danger or darkness, but then the image faded. Larkspur peered into the stone and saw a temple not far from the ruins which may hold secrets pertaining to the deadly curse upon himself. When the party reached the highest height of the castle ruin they sounded the “Challenger’s Horn” and summoned one of the castle’s many foes, a white dragon called Xeralane. They slew the dragon atop the castle and in doing so caused the nearby camp of Ogrek forces to flee in terror.


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