Journey to the North

The party heads for Rokourd

After having slain Saazixthumei and returning to Tradekeep the party reconvened at The Grinning Goblin to discuss their next move. It was decided that Golthos the “king of giants” has gone unchallenged long enough. Aegishand left some of his gold from the dragon horde with Erel to help expand the Grinning Goblin’s business opportunities and then the party headed north.

The party left Tradekeep in the middle of October, traveled over the Suncrest Peaks where they cannily outsmarted an ettin and continued on their way in peace. By early November they arrived to Westwater where they were met with a rather cold reception, so they restocked and kept moving. There were few incidents on the road through Vyankal and the party reached Lathlor without facing any peril.

While travelling along the edge of The Glarwood the party heard from some of the elven communities that the warmth and power from within the forest was fading. There are whispers of a great corruption spreading from within.

Determined to complete the quest that they set out upon, the party continued on their way and arrived to the city of Drithkowl where they were bidden to meet with Governor-General Hallour, the master of the city. In meeting with Hallour the party learned that the heroes of the north, Aust and Lorgrium, had been captured attempting to break into the Fortress of Lazandroth. The party asked how they could seek their audience and Hallour said that he would release Aust and Lorgrium to the party if they slew the mighty dragon, Tyrannax the Destroyer.

Frustrated with this “offer” the party met with Traggath, the lord commander of the Drasguardian Knights Hospitaller and his men who have camped out just beyond the walls of Drithkowl. In their meeting, Lord Traggath revealed that he has been sending spies into the city in an attempt to gain audience with Governor-General Hallour to discuss “saving the north” from Golthos, Tyrannax and the vile necromancer Nervaal White. So far, however, the Governor-General has not granted audience with Traggath or any of his diplomats.

Traggath estimates that Golthos has a force of over ten thousand orcs and goblinoids. His band of hospitallers numbers close to one hundred, but he knows that Drithkowl’s garrison is 3,000 to 5,000 strong. Aegishand gave a large sum of money to Lord Traggath to pay for the hiring and training of mercenaries while the party looked into their remaining options: rescuing Aust and Lorgrium, seeking out and defeating Tyrannax the dragon or looking to Edril or beyond for aid.


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