Journey into the Temple

The heroes explore a mysterious temple

After the party left the ruins of Ulnath Ultyr’s castle and reunited with Aegishand and Gylek they made their way to an ancient temple enshrined in ice deep within the tundra of Imnisvael. The main entrance was encased in ice, so the party climbed the exterior wall and descended into the main hall. The floor tiles were cut from a brilliant blue and white marble made into the shape of a crescent moon. Twelve statues stood along the exterior of the moon depiction within the floor.

As the party was investigating the ruin a wyvern descended through the breach in the roof and attacked. To make matters worse spirits awoke within the statues and waylaid the party as they battled the lesser dragon. After the party dispatched the phantoms and slew the wyvern they activated the magic within the twelve statues revealing a passageway delving deeper into the temple.

Underneath the temple the party found a long corridor with tall columns which seemed to mystically recreate the seasons. Roughly one quarter of the length of the tunnel was cold and dry, another quarter length was warm and humid, another length was hot and dry and another cool again. At the end of the passageway the party encountered a bearded human who claimed to be a werewolf. He told a story about how he and his people have come to this temple in search of a way to take control of their lycanthropic curse instead of getting rid of it. Also in the chamber with the werewolf were three magic doors. The door to the left of the entrance appeared to be a circle of magic runes set within the floor, perhaps a teleportation circle. The door to the right was a stone carving of a doorway set into the wall of the chamber with a glowing depiction of a faraway land set within the frame. And lastly the “door” straight across from the entrance appeared to be a magic mirror which did not hold the bearer’s reflection, but instead an uncertain swirl of smoke and fog.

The party discussed the possible choices before them, but ultimately decided to take rest and recover their spells before striking on.


SeanRFreund SeanRFreund

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