In the Lair of the Dragon

Battle with Saazixthumei

Travelling south out of Vaelyngroth the party made for the lair of Saazixthumei, the Green Terror, dragon of the Elernain. The journey took a number of days before the party arrived to a hill darkened by a thick canopy of spider-infested trees. The monstrous arachnids were many, so the party fought a moving battle to reach the entrance of the cave. Werler, who demanded be brought with, was struck by spider venom and paralyzed. It was Gylek who carried him safely inside despite the peril to himself.

Once inside the party navigated the rocky depths for a time, avoiding the goblins who called the upper levels home. They crossed an uncertain bridge where some members of the party nearly fell through the rickety wooden boards to the chasm below. It was too dangerous to keep going with Werler in his paralyzed state, so the party decided to leave him with a dagger in a dark crook near the bridge. Creeping past a dungeon ooze monster and using fire to thwart a cave infested with poisonous mushroom creatures the party entered a large hall built by ancient hands.

Throughout the chamber gold coins crunched under foot and columns of thick worked stone reached up to a high ceiling. At the center of the massive treasure horde was the dragon Saazixthumei. It appeared scarred, but uninjured and was furious with the interlopers for entering its domain. Threats were made, swords drawn and battle was joined.

Saazixthumei opened with an impressive attack of poisonous breath. The party rallied; Larkspur crippled the dragon’s wing with a pair of arrows while Solgrin and Golthiron mounted the dragon’s back and hammered it’s scales. Aegishand dealt a telling blow with a sneak attack critical hit from his crossbow.

In the end the party was victorious with no casualties. They recovered the Dragon’s Eye Gem and used a portion of its power to release the dragon’s many captives who had been encased in emerald stone prisons. The company of about 100 some gathered up what treasure they could fit in their pockets and bags and made for Tradekeep.


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