Escaping Skaulheim

After the collapse of Lanyr’s realm the party found themselves teleported to Imnisvael. There they traveled under the never setting sun through the bleak tundra until they could not march any longer. They were captured by vile, ogre-like creatures and taken to a subterranean fortress. Hog tied, the party worked together to cut themselves free using a piece of broken arrowhead provided by a fellow prisoner, Einar. Einar and the party ambushed a squad of impish guards, taking their weapons and killing the odious wretches.

Navigating the subterranean halls of Skaulhiem was difficult because of the numerous monster patrols, but also because the party did not have access to their weapons or equipment. Still, the group was able to use stealth to overcome flat-footed sentries and their athleticism and magic to overcome obstacles and impasses.

While the party managed to sneak and fight their way past most foes they knew that even once they made it to the surface they would likely freeze. Einar explained that in order to endure the cold like his people can they would need “The Blessing of the North” something that he could not give to them without his possessions and certainly not while attempting to escape Skaulheim. The party quickly formed a plan to make their up the mountain where Einar would sing to his people from afar. He claims that the song of the royal family can be heard at great by those who are loyal to the king of the Riddare.

Without much of a choice, the party garbed themselves in what layers they could from a nearby storeroom, took some captured weapons and ascended the nearest peak. They mounted a stone platform where Einar began his song. The vile Ogrek and a nearby drake heard the singing and attacked the party. It was a bloody battle, but they slew many foes and just as the harsh arctic air was gripping them they were rescued by what appeared as angelic beings from beyond the clouds.

When they woke they found themselves in a warm, rustic lodge. A Riddare healer and Einar greeted them as they came to. He smiled and welcomed them to his lands.


SeanRFreund SeanRFreund

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