Death is not always the end...

After a tragic battle with a group of powerful cultists hiding out in a ruined fortress in the Green Country the adventuring party was slain. When they awoke they found themselves in a hellish landscape of fire and brimstone. They were escorted by demons into the forges of a greater demon who said to them upon their arrival:

“I am A’eziel’belloc, the Silt-Lord and master of this domain. You stand in one of the Thousand Realms of Dranoth, God of Vengeance. You have been brought here from many places across the eddies of time and it is here that you will remain for an eternity. For while there is one way to leave this place, you must ask yourselves what you are willing to sacrifice in order to return to your lands. For if you enter the Forge of Sorrows and barter with the Shaper of Men, he will reforge your destiny and set you on a new path, a path of vengeance that will take you far from here just as Dranoth once did a millennia ago. So do not despair, my servants, for there is always hope for your… salvation.”

It was here that the adventurers were made to toil in a wicked afterlife, but it was also here that the adventuring party would make a powerful ally who would ultimately help them escape. After many hours or days, perhaps, of working in the Silt-Lord’s demon forges the adventurers made a deal with a mysterious alchemist. This man, maybe even a lesser demon, offered to create “blood mimics” out of the party. These mimics would take the place of the adventurers in the forges and work in their stead. This would give the adventurers time to steal away from their miserable work and explore the hellish landscape.

The tunnels underneath the demon forges were populated with wayward dead, wandering demons and even a city of lost souls. Eventually the party made allies with a paladin named Goltheiron who would later help them escape by acquiring weapons and a planar stone responsible for binding the power of the Silt-Lord’s domain to the demon.


SeanRFreund SeanRFreund

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