Deposing a Tyrant

The Battle for Eltgaard

The day following the victory at Drithkowl a council was assembled at the Frost Keep to discuss the next battle in what scholars and bards would later call “The Northern War.” In attendance at the council to decide Eltgaard’s fate was Aegishand, Solgrin, Larkspur, Gylek, Goltheiron, Governor-General Hallour, Orvarr Earthgrain, and a representative from the Kowled Wizards. it was revealed and discovered that Aegishand has been carrying an ancient dwarven gem called “the stone of Kazan’shol,” the gem he stole from Golthos all those days ago. Governor-General Hallour explained that there is a matching stone locked under the vaults of Drithkowl as well and the council discussed the ramifications of bringing the stones together. The legends say that when the stones are joined the spirits of the dead from the first great dwarf-gnome alliance will return to Rokourd to save it from whatever peril may have befallen it.

The council agreed to journey into the vaults below the city and join the stones. Governor-General Hallour led the way and unlocked the final chamber which revealed the stone of Drithkowl. When the stone of Drithkowl was joined with the stone of Kazan’shol a shower of magic rained from the heavens along with thousands of spectral warriors all heeding the commands of the governor-general. The party decided that they would march to Eltgaard with these spirit warriors and with Einar’s forces combined they would have a chance at taking down the self-proclaimed Tyrant King.

The adventuring party rode out ahead of the army and entered the tunnels beneath Eltgaard to scout out a way into the city for their ground forces. The party slew a number of ogres and giant warriors protecting a subterranean gate allowing the combined infantry unit of Dirthkowl footmen, Drasguardian Templars, and mercenaries to enter the besieged city. The party used the chaos of battle to sneak ahead to the high throne room to confront Golthos directly.

Tragically, Golthos had already slain the dwarf high king, Eldukar, when they arrived. At his side Golthos had Wulfnarr, a frost giant necromancer and Kyrax, a white dragon spawn of Tyrannax the Destroyer. It was a bitter fight, but with the aid of the Riddare griffin riders the party was able to divide the enemy force and slay Golthos.

With the death of the high king the dwarves will now look to their senate houses to choose another leader which will entail much debate, posturing and deliberation. The blow Golthos dealt to Eltgaard, to all dwarf kind, will be felt for generations to come. However with Eltgaard’s rescue the dwarves and gnomes can begin healing and rebuilding and forever will these adventurers be remembered as heroes.


SeanRFreund SeanRFreund

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