Chaos beneath Drithkowl

A violent prison riot

The party weighs their options and decides that the best way to help Rokourd and defeat Golthos is by meeting with Aust and Lorgrium. They are being held as prisoners in the city dungeon below Drithkowl, so the party decides to infiltrate the dungeon to meet with or perhaps free Aust and Lorgrium.

Larkspur donned the cloak of disguise and distracted the door guard while Aegishand sneaked into the dungeon, opening a door from within. After only about a minute inside the dungeon a riot erupted and a full blown prison break was sprung. It quickly became clear that there were other agents at work organizing the prisoner uprising.

Solgrin rallied the flat-footed guards and suppressed the riot on the first level of the dungeon. As the party moved deeper in they found cultists and heretics wielding sorcerery driving the prisoners on in a blood frenzy to kill the prison guards and secure their freedom. Gylek banished a mighty tentacle beast that had ruptured the ground and broke through the floor of the prison and the party defeated a mysterious black-clad provocateur who admitted to inciting the prison riot. It was not clear what his motives were beyond laying blame for the riot on someone else, possibly the members of the party or possibly Aust and Lorgrium. The evil provocateur wore a skull mask and used powerful magic, but was ultimately slain.

The party rescued a guard who agreed to tell the truth of what happened including Solgrin’s push to retake the prison with the other guards. Moving to the lowest level of the dungeon the party spotted a magic door rippling along a stone wall which they entered and found an open chasm. Within was a vast, abandoned subterranean dwelling which appeared to be a type of underground settlement belonging to some long extinct underground civilization. Amongs the old stone buildings and aged skeletons, a pair of mage initiates attacked the party saying “it’s not them, but let’s get them anyway!”

After the fighting it was revealed that the attackers were sent by a Wizard of the Kowl searching for obsidian stones used to animate the bones of the dead. Pressing forth the party encountered the bodies of additional apprentices of this Kowled Necromancer and eventually made their way to the surface where they encountered Aust (in animal form) and Lorgrium doing battle with a group of mage initiates.

Once the parties united they spoke and revealed their plans to each other. Lorgrium explained that he and Aust were captured following up on a lead while pursuing The Dragon’s Eye gem. They were doing this because they were given a quest by a roguish man named Ridden. They now know that the gem has great power and Lorgrium indicated that it could be used to “reveal all dragons” and possibly be used against Tyrannax the Destroyer. He offered that Aust and he could hunt down and defeat Tyrannax while the party pursued Nurvaal White, saving Drithkowl and taking away Governor General Hallour’s excuse for not helping Eltgaard.


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