Battle in Bravaul

Siege of the Goblin Fort

The adventuring party had been doing some work in and around Tradekeep, some of which was for Baron Vaustburn and some of it was for themselves. After a time the group set their sights to the Green Country to address the growing issue of banditry. Solgrin Drothspell enlisted a force of Shield Bearers of the Dragon mercenaries combined with a group of Bravaullian Scouts recruited by Aegishand and Larkspur to assault a nearby goblin fortress. The adventuring party and their allies attacked the fortress during the daylight using siege weapons built in the field. The combined force proved a greater match than the goblins could handle and the adventuring party destroyed the fortress and rescued numerous prisoners in the lower dungeons. The party won a good deal of recognition and a handsome pile of loot.


SeanRFreund SeanRFreund

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