Attack on House Imirun

After the battle in the city dungeon the party connected the agents responsible for the prison riot back to a local wizard by the name of Master Lanyr. Solgrin took the Dragon’s Eye Gem and joined forces with Lorgrium and Aust to pursue the Tyrannax the dragon while Aust gave the party a lead to speak with a nobleman by the name of Lanner Calsbree. Calsbree had his house mage cast an illusion spell to allow the party to sneak into Castle Imirun, the home and headquarters of Master Lanyr. The quest was to confront and take down Lanyr because he tried to frame the party for the outbreak in the city dungeon, has ties to Nurvaal, is believed to be a necromancer, and is openly building a rival faction against the Wizards of the Kowl.

Lanner Calsbree’s illusion spell successfully granted the party access to Castle Imirun, however shortly after passing through the main gate the magic was dispelled by Lanyr’s defensive wards. The house guards assembled and attacked the party slinging crossbow bolts and spells. The house mages used necromancy to reanimate the bones of any slain guards which did not seem to disturb the other, still living guards. The party seized a ring of keys from a gnome guard and moved their way through the armory and fought their way up a tower.

After a brief exchange with a magically animated candelabra Larkspur tricked the “butler” into taking tea to Master Lanyr. The evil wizard was conducting a complicated spell and was angered by the party’s intrusion and launched a deadly fireball, sacrificing his minions to further power the magical attack. Despite a strong opening by Lanyr, the party was able to overwhelm his magical defenses, however when Aegishand stabbed the wizard his body did not collapse to the ground, but instead flashed into smoke and ash. Where he stood an arcane door sprang into existence. Peering through the portal the party could see another world, one with a grassy hill, marble columns and creatures of myth wandering about. Atop the hill at the end of a stone footpath stood a great temple or palace. The party could hear more guards and mages rushing to the aid of master Lanyr just behind them…


SeanRFreund SeanRFreund

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